Pasta Alforno– Anelletti pasta (little rings) with homemade sweet marinara sauce, peas, parmesan cheese baked with mozzarella cheese. $35 half / $65 full (meatless)
Pasta Alforno- With a sweet marinara meat sauce. $55 half / $90 full

Orecchiette Broccoli Rabe and Sweet Sausage– Orecchiette shaped pasta (elephant ear) homemade sweet Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, white beans, garlic and olive oil. $55 half / $90 full

Penne alla Vodka– Penne pasta topped with homemade Creamy Alla Vodka sauce. $35 half / $65 full
With grilled chicken $55 half / $90 full

Bronx N.Y. Sausage and Peppers– Grilled homemade sweet sausage, braised sweet red peppers and onions. $55 half / $90 full

Sweet Mama Mia’s Famous Meatballs– Our meatballs are made from Veal, Pork and beef, topped with Sunday sauce. $55 half / $90 full

Every catering order is made specifically for you. See something you want to add? Simply let us know! P.S. Any of our food truck salads can be made for a drop off as well, contact us for pricing.

Add on items for drop off include:

Paper goods can be provided for $1.25/per person
Sternos can be provided and set up $15/per piece
Ice cold soft drinks with ice for $3/ per person