About Us

When I think of my childhood, and what made it great, I think about cooking. Cooking brings family and friends together, it creates memories, it provokes laughter and conversation— cooking is at the core of me and I wouldn’t have it any other way…”

I remember numerous occasions, where my mother and I would visit my grandmother in Flushing, Queens. She, and her sisters, my aunts, would be busy making all this food in the kitchen. She and her passion for cooking was the foundation for not only my passion, but for my future career (I just didn’t know it yet). I wanted to learn everything I could; I remember going through all of her cooking books, her recipes and trying to absorb as much as I could. To me, they were the best and I am lucky to have had those experiences.

When I met my husband, my cooking style changed. My mother-in-law is Silician and she taught me everything I know about Italian cooking. In fact, as cliche as it may sound, she told me that “the best way into a man’s heart is through his stomach”— she was right!

Now, twenty-five years and three kids later, we have moved from Long Island, NY to Albany, NY and it was my time to decide what was next for me, career-wise. My first priority to me is my family and when my husband introduced the idea of starting a food truck— I was sold. Sweet Mama Mia started rolling in 2013 and we couldn’t be happier!

Our Team

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Danielle Minuto


Hello, I am Danielle and I own Sweet Mama Mia. If you didn’t guess, I love cooking fresh, homemade meals made from local, fresh ingredients. When I am not in my truck or in my kitchen, I am spending time with my family, friends and two dogs!

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Pasquale Minuto

Husband and Truck Support

Hi, I’m Pasquale. I am here to help my wife’s dream of owning and operating a thriving food truck come true— even if that means spending hours dishing up some my favorite and best Italian food you can get!

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The Kids

Truck Support

Hello! We’re Marco, Mia and Alexandra. We’re Danielle’s children, you may have seen us on the truck during the spring, summer and fall months! We’re here to help our mom, whether we’d like to or not!

our ingredients are fresh


Mama Knows Best

The best way to learn anything is through practice. Just do it over and over until it’s perfect.


Sweet Mama’s Truisms

If you love something, as how I love cooking, and you have the support of your family— you can do anything.